Garden Niches


Located behind the Mission Chapel and surrounded by majestic views of the desert and mountains, our garden niches are set around a handmade monument of St. Thérèse,  and is the center of our immaculately manicured gardens.


The property is set at the foot of the statue and forms a circular wall around the edifice. Each wall is commemorated after Therese’s four sisters.


Companion Niches for as low as $7,900.00 or

$143 per month pre-need.
Call us at 702 507 4172 or click here 

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Our other properties: 

Legacy Pages  

A section dedicated to the inurned individuals at the Mission's sacred grounds. Find a loved one's tribute page, their exact location at our grounds, more information about services or send flowers.

 Our Cemetery  

The St. Thérèse Mission is home to the only Catholic Cemetery serving Las Vegas and Pahrump and helps maintain and sustain the Mission grounds. It is a sacred memorial for your beloved and a fitting remembrance to their memory.


 St. Thérèse Mission  

Tel: (702) 507 4172


Park Hours 

Wed - Sunday

9:00am to 4:00pm



Located to the side of the Mission Chapel, the Our Lady of Guadalupe Building, holds interior climate controlled (air-conditioned) niches.



Designed for families and small groups, the family garden estates are situated in private 10’ by 10’ gardens.


A private space and place of gathering exclusive to organizations or groups with specific devotions.

Plan Ahead

One of the most important ways you can protect your family.

Make choices ahead of time can spare your loved ones grief and heartache.


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