The Legacy Society is the Mission's Most important support group. These are our financial supporters, our Creators of Legacy! Recognition of members is provided by inclusion, as a special category in the donor recognition display located in front of the chapel. All donations will go towards the building of the new Event Center and the Save A Soul program of the St. Thérèse Mission Foundation.



The parents of St. Thérèse are Sts. Zelie and Louis Martin. their lives show us that when we live with love, we grow in holiness. The Martins are such a wonderful example of holiness that Pope Benedict named them Blessed in 2008 and Pope Francis officially recognized them both as saints in October 18, 2015. They are the first married couple to ever be canonized together.

The Event Center will be dedicated to the holy spouses. Statues of the couple will welcome all guests as they enter the venue. Engraved plaques will be a great way to memorialize your family here at the mission grounds.



"A society grows great when old men plant trees in whose shade they know they shall never sit."

- Greek proverb

Besides the aesthetic beauty and shade that comes with a complex filled with flourishing trees, a mature tree can also provide enough oxygen for 2 people. Each tree we plant during this campaign will provide oxygen for 2 of our children, grandchildren, friends or relatives and provide fresh air for generations to come.



The Event Center walkway is where all your journeys at the St. Thérèse Mission being. This living walkway provides a unique way for our parishioners, families, and friends to both share and preserve their family history at the mission.

As your family members or relatives visit the Mission in years to come, they will find the engraved bricks in your name along the walkway. By memorializing your family here on our Mission grounds, you provide a permanent display of your family history. Over time, this walkway will become a magnificent "Scrapbook" of our journey of faith.

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