A project designed to benefit less fortunate individuals. It gives the recipient a final resting place and the proper tribute they deserve.

How to Participate

  • For as little as $10/month, help someone in need of a proper resting place.

  • Nominate someone in need by submitting the necessary requirements to be awarded a niche.

Problem of Society

  • Some families cannot afford to bury their loved ones when they pass away.

  • In Clark County alone, there was a 22% increase in cases of Unclaimed remains because families could not afford to provide the proper burial services for them.

Importance of Final Resting Place

  • Respect of Remains:   

Cremains of deceased should be kept intact and complete as a way of venerating the memory of our loved ones.                  

  • Honor and Remembrance:

Scattering, keeping and dividing the cremated remains to various family members is not allowed by the church. Keeping it in a proper resting place allows for visitation, memorialization and prayers.

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